Sponge Advantages and Disadvantages

sponge_cotraceptionWhat is a Sponge?
The contraceptive sponge is a vaginal barrier manner of preventing pregnancy. That is, the sponge acts as a barrier to  stave off semen from entering the cervix uteri. This sponge containing spermicide is placed at the cervix uteri and kills sperm before they can enter.  The sponge is more effective with women who have not had children than with women who have. With normal use of the sponge, about 16 % of women will experience pregnancy within one year. With steadfast and right use of the sponge, about 9% of women will experience pregnancy within one year.

Because vaginal barrier methods, including the sponge, protect the cervix, they may help in preventing some sexually transmitted infections. Studies about the protective result of vaginal barrier methods are not consistent. That’s why women should also use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections. When used in combination with the male condom, the default rate is only 2%.

It's a barrier method and spermicide in one. It provides 12-hour protection. You don't have to change the sponge if sex is recurring during this time. Sponges are easy to use, comparatively inexpensive. And also available without prescription. It is effective immediately. You do not need a previous consultation or an examination by a doctor to use it. Also you may insert the sponge when your sex partner is not present.

Some girls find it difficult to place the sponge exactly and removing it. Or maybe forget to take it out all together. The contraceptive sponge really has to be used with condoms. To lessen the risk of getting an STD. Some people are allergic to the spermicide used in the sponge. Women who use contraceptive sponges have a risk of yeast infection and urinary tract infection. Wrong use, such as leaving the sponge in too long, can outcome in toxic shock syndrome. Don’t leave your sponge in for more than 30 hours. Sponges must be stored in a clean, cool, dark place—not in the glove compartment of a car or in a purse.

Where you can get it and how much it cost?
You can purchase a parcel of sponges in most drugstores and other stores that sell condoms and personal hygiene products. In North America, the cost of each sponge is about $2-3.00 each and come in  3 to 12 sponges in a package. UK prices will likely be similar.