The Ovulation Method
The Ovulation Method of Fertility Awareness is also known as the Cervical Mucus Method. This technique is not considered to be appropriate for every woman, as it requires a woman to be very comfortable with her body because she will have to conduct regular checking of her cervical mucus. However, this is the method, which can help a woman become much more attuned to any change, which monthly occurs within her body.
 Generally, this Natural Family Planning Method is based on the consideration, that the lack of cervical mucus is a sign that an egg has not yet been released by the ovaries, which means that the ovulation has not occurred. Moreover, if there is no enough mucus, the male’s sperm will have no way to survive inside a woman’s organism up until the time of ovulation (when the egg gets finally released).

Using the Ovulation Method
Every healthy woman’s cervix (just like the rest of her reproductive system) is influenced by the changes, which occur in her organism every month. As soon as the menstruation finished, the cervix does not produce any mucus, or if it does, there is too little of it, produced. This makes the vagina stay practically dry for a few days. As the cycle goes on, the woman’s body begins to produce more cervical mucus.

As a woman gets closer to ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes stickier and more and more thin. The mucus wetness increases daily, and it lasts for about 9 days until the wettest day  and when the ovulation is  just about to take place, the cervical mucus appears to be clear, slippery and ve – e – e – e – ry stretchy. It looks just like a raw egg white. This type of mucus is considered to be the ideal condition for sperm to swim and survive in; in addition, it helps the sperm get to the uterus. This is just what a woman, who wishes to get pregnant, is to have, therefore, if a woman wants to avoid pregnancy, she will have to abstain from having sexual intercourses or apply some other method of contraception, like a condom, etc. during this ovulation period.

When the ovulation occurred, the mucus production gets slowed down again. And even in case if any woman does notice any mucus in her cervix, it is thick and cloudy.
 So, as it has already been mentioned, in order to use the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning, a woman will have to check her cervical mucus every day. And there exist three possible ways, in which the cervical mucus can be checked:
• A woman can use her finger or a piece of toilet paper to wipe across the opening of her vagina and then look at the mucus, OR
• It is also possible to wear a panty liner and check any cervical mucus, which is left on it. Though it should be mentioned, that it can be rather difficult to detect whether there is any mucus left, OR
• A woman can simply reach in and get a sample of her cervical mucus right from her cervix. After she has done so, she should examine the consistency and try to stretch the mucus between her fingers. In case if it gets stretched at least three inches without breaking, it is a 100% that the ovulation is just about to occur. This is considered to be the best way of the cervical mucus checking.

As it has already been mentioned, ovulation takes place when a woman has the peak day of her stretchy mucus for about two days. In order to be able to apply the Ovulation Method to identify her ovulation, she should follow the steps, described below:
1. The woman should collect her mucus from the vaginal opening with her fingers or with a piece of toilet paper by wiping them / it front to back;
2. It is advisable to be recorded daily on a special fertility calendar by making not of the mucus color (yellow, white, clear or cloudy), of the mucus consistency (sticky, stretchy, thin, and thin) and the feel of her vagina (dry, wet, sticky, slippery, and stretchy).
3. Ovulation is recorded on the day, when the cervical mucus of a woman is the clearest, most stretchy and slippery.

In addition, it should also be noted, that any woman, who applies this method of Natural Family Planning, should neither douche nor use spermicides, which might increase her risk of an infection and which may also wash away or change the appearance of the mucus.
In case if a woman wants to avoid pregnancy, then she will have to abstain from having any unprotected sexual relations beginning with the day she noticed the slippery and stretchy mucus and up until at least two days after it becomes thicker and more cloudy.

The Ovulation Method Effectiveness
The Ovulation Method, in comparison with other methods of Natural Family Planning may not be considered as being a reliable one, and the average failure rate is about 20%. Therefore, it can be quite an effective one, if applied along with some other form of fertility awareness, like the Calendar Rhythm Method, the Two Day Method, the Symptom – Thermal Method, etc.
In case if any woman is going to apply this method of Fertility Awareness, then it is strongly recommended that she should receive training in the technique by her doctor or another trained professional.

Advantages of the Ovulation Method
•  This method of Fertility Awareness teaches a woman how to read the signals of her body;
•  The Ovulation Method also teaches a woman how to interpret the texture of her cervical mucus, which is a fairly precise signal of ovulation;
•  There is no equipment needed in order to apply this method;
•  This Natural Family Planning works better for women, who have irregular menstrual cycles.

Disadvantages of the Ovulation Method
•  The Ovulation Method can be messy enough;
•  This method of Fertility Awareness is not a convenient one, because the cervical mucus must be checked every day, without taking any circumstances into consideration;
•  It is necessary that a woman, who is going to apply this method of Fertility Awareness, would receive training by a well – experienced professional.